FALKEN AZENIS FK510 with nine out of ten points in the Finnish “Test World” summer tyre test

The Finnish “Test World" magazine, a company in the British Millbrook Group, which carries out independent tests in the automotive, transport and tyre industry, gave the FALKEN AZENIS FK510 9.0 points in its latest summer tyre test – in which the highest point score, for the winner, was 9.2 points and the lowest point score was 7.1. As a result, the FALKEN tyres were 1.4 points above the average, which was derived from all of the tyres tested.

Overall, the testers scrutinized 16 size 225/45R17 Y tyres on an Audi A3 in the categories of handling, braking performance, aquaplaning, noise class and rolling resistance of a variety of test tracks and in a range of conditions.

In the process, the FALKEN AZENIS FK510 scored particularly well in braking performance on a wet surface – in the “wet braking" category, the FALKEN tyres were the winner of the test with a braking distance 5 metres shorter than their nearest rival. In this wet test, the brakes were applied at a speed of 80 km/h. The tests were carried out in both cold and warm weather, so that the values represent the average of both tests. The AZENIS FK510 scored nine out of ten points in the dry handling category. The testers also praised the AZENIS FK510's noise emissions. This was measured at a variety of speeds and an “average noise level" for the tyres was calculated from the results. Here, the FALKEN tyres were just 0.1 dB behind the first place tyre in this category. Overall, the FALKEN AZENIS FK510 was able to secure a confident fourth place among the 16 tyres tested.

“We are very pleased by these test results," said Markus Bögner, Managing Director and COO of Falken Tyre Europe GmbH of the test. “Since its market launch, the AZENIS FK510 has been getting top marks outstanding ratings time and again from established magazines in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in Great Britain. We are very pleased that we have now achieved a good rating in the Nordic countries as well and that our tyres were able to win over the testers at such an established institution."