FALKEN dominates  competitions around the world

A world champion, a champion, three kings and a queen – that's the current honour roll for the athletes on FALKEN's race and drift teams. More than any other tyre brand, FALKEN is unparalleled in its combination of high technology and excitement. Outstanding product quality, teamwork and consistently excellent performance brought FALKEN's team members to the top of their disciplines this year. After a historic first place by Team Falken BMW in the Nürburgring endurance race, the wins just kept coming. FALKEN roared to victory in an amazing three drift series. The results after the final races clearly showed that the motorsports champs were in the fast lane throughout the season on their FALKEN tyres, and brought in fantastic results. While Red Bull Drift Brothers member Joe Hountondji snapped up the overall victory in the last race in the Federal Tyres King of Europe series, held in the Greek city of Serres, his brother Elias took second place overall to become vice-champion. Joining forces with legendary Dutch drifter Remmo Niezen from the Falken Drift Team, the duo then secured an overall win for their team for the second year in succession. A perfect hat-trick! The FALKEN-sponsored Drift Brothers had battled it out for the top places throughout the entire season. In the end, they quite simply delivered superior speed, precision and spectacular skill than their international rivals, tackling the course at well over 600 hp in their racers fitted with FALKEN Azenis Semi-Slicks. In the FALKEN brothers' own internal rivalry, Joe Hountondji ended up just beating his brother Elias by 863 points to 835. Both were 200 and more points ahead of the third-place winner, Nicolas Maunoir (669 points). The “King of Europe" drift series was launched in 2005. In the associated “Queen of Europe" series, Polish drifter Karolina Pilarczyk scooped second place in the last race and adding this result to her total of three individual victories throughout the season to hold firmly onto her championship. FALKEN also snatched a further success in the Formula Drift when James Deane, in his FALKEN Tire Nissan 240, won his first title in this series. Deane rounded off an impressive season's performance with four wins by coming third in the finale in Los Angeles. For his sponsor FALKEN, this means the second victory in succession as tyre manufacturer. The success story was continued by FALKEN pilot Yoshihide Muroya. At the last Red Bull Air Race in Indianapolis, the Japanese air wizard scooped a win and thus secured the championship. In a nail-biting finale, Muroya pushed his high-precision skills to the limit and outperformed the record time for the route by more than a second at 1:03:26. This year his aircraft in the Masterclass category featured the legendary teal and blue colours of the Falken brand – and delivered performance that speaks for itself. “These successes are fantastic confirmation for our athletes as well as our products, our brand and our company. And most of all, of course, for the many, many members of FALKEN who have supported these projects with heart, soul and professionalism. The wins are also crowning achievements for our 'Masters of Excitement' campaign, which was launched in Europe this year", comments Stephan Cimbal, Head of Marketing at Falken Tyre Europe.