FALKEN gears up for battle in the 24h Race – both on and alongside the racetrack

FALKEN has launched a variety of communication activities designed to accompany and activate its increasing engagement in motorsports; at the 24h-Race on the famous Nurbürgring, the company is entering a BMW M6 GT3 in addition to fielding its proven 911 GT3 R. As part of FALKEN’s ‘Masters of Excitement’ campaign, the drivers of both racing-car teams will battle it out in a series of challenges in the run-up to the legendary endurance race.


Martin Ragginger, representing the FALKEN Porsche team, and Peter Dumbreck, heading the FALKEN BMW team, have already gone head to head, pitting their skills in four different disciplines. The battle between the teams started with a Boot Camp, where the athletes had to complete a series of physical challenges to demonstrate their fitness level.


In the weeks up to the 24h-Race, further tests of concentration, precision and speed will follow for the racing drivers. The second round of the battle has just been announced, and will include the Red Bull Drift Brothers. As Joe and Elias show off their drift skills, the two FALKEN team heads will need to keep a steady hand; strapped into the passenger seat, they will be asked to colour in a FALKEN logo as neatly as possible. Precision will also be put to the test in the third challenge, held directly on the legendary Nürburgring racing circuit. The drivers will battle it out for supremacy – but this time their vehicles will be remote-controlled cars! And in the finale, two Bobby Cars – kids’ sit-on-toys – custom-finished in the FALKEN colours will be used as the drivers try to cover a part of the Nürburgring track in the fastest time.


“This activation of our engagement is the logical extension of our ‘Masters of Excitement’ campaign. It focuses on integral elements of our brand as its key messages, as well as being thoroughly entertaining”, explains Stephan Cimbal, Head of Marketing at Falken Tyre Europe. “The battle enables us to demonstrate that mastery and control, technology and expertise are the essential ingredients for fun, excitement and enthusiasm.”


In a partnership with German motoring magazine AutoBild, the battles will continue during the 24h-Race itself. Two readers, selected to represent the two FALKEN teams in a competition, will continue to pit their abilities against each other in the same disciplines. The social media channels of the winners themselves and of Falken and AutoBild will naturally also feature backstage material and plenty of extra information.